Disposal of equipment

When producing household appliances, materials are used that can pose a threat to the environment. Therefore, household appliances that have fallen into disrepair must not only be thrown into a landfill, but properly disposed of. The unitary enterprise "ZEBT Horizon" invites you to take care of the future of our planet. In the service center, located at lane. S. Kovalevskoy, 62, organized a collection of household appliances brand "HORIZONT", which has lost its consumer ...

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SHULM sale

The unitary enterprise "ZEBT Horizon" has in stock a large number of: SHULM R10-V-Zh 1-2-2-3-P-K UHL4. The SHULM cabinet with a microprocessor control system ensures the movement of the elevator at a speed of up to 1.6 m / s, with the number of stops up to 32, and is intended for residential and public buildings. Including for buildings without a machine room, with a carrying capacity of up to 1000 ...

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Laser TV

We are pleased to announce the start of sales of a new product - the Horizont LT400F laser TV! This is the result of hard research and a keen interest in an idea that can turn the market for technology. The Horizont LT400F Laser TV delivers a unique projection format for large, bright UltraHD images based on color laser technology in a stylish package. The naturalness and accuracy of the broadcast picture in combination ...

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