Laser TV

We are pleased to announce the start of sales of a new product - the Horizont LT400F laser TV! This is the result of hard research and a keen interest in an idea that can turn the market for technology.
       The Horizont LT400F Laser TV delivers a unique projection format for large, bright UltraHD images based on color laser technology in a stylish package. The naturalness and accuracy of the broadcast picture in combination with high-quality sound will take your breath away from the first minutes.
     4K quality with a physical size of 2 * 3.5 meters is available with the minimum location of the projector from the wall. 
It is very easy to enjoy the content like in the cinema - the laconic interface of the LT400F projector allows you to connect your computer or laptop via the HDMI port. For wireless lovers, dual-frequency Wi-fi and Bluetooth ver 4.2 are available for more comfortable control.
       The Horizont LT400F Laser TV will be an indispensable attribute in top-level meeting rooms or at home, because the variety of functions, including the most requested ones, will cater to any need. 
       The external design is distinguished by smooth lines, which absolutely minimizes the visual load on the decor and makes the laser TV convenient for any room format as an organic addition.
        For advice and purchase of a laser TV Horizont LT400F, please call +375 29 626 12 42 or by e-mail