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H-book 14 MAK4 Sales Announcement

The HORIZONT company announces sales of a new, more compact and light laptop model from the H-book MAK4 series. The H-book 14 MAK4 (T32E3W) is a handy 14" miniature novelty weighing 1.4kg in the familiar blue color. Easy to carry and stylish, it delivers high levels of productivity, supports multitasking and provides rich multimedia possibilities. With an Intel® Core™ processor…

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H-book 14 MAK1 Sales Announcement

The HORIZONT company starts selling a new, most affordable laptop from the H-book series in Belarus. The H-book 14 MAK1 laptop with a screen diagonal of 14 inches is presented to the buyer in a completely new silver-colored case weighing 1.4 kg. everyday tasks. It is equipped with the best in its price category productive 4-core Intel Celeron N5100 processor, which, with maximum energy efficiency, provides …

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H-book 15 MAK4 Sales Announcement

The company "Horizon" starts selling the top version of the laptop from the H-book series with the most powerful and energy-efficient processor. The most productive, powerful novelty for everyday or office tasks that require increased resource costs, up to 5 GHz. Powerful processor performance with 16 GB of RAM and ultra-fast 512 GB NVMe SSD drive will not leave ...

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New line of household appliances Horizont

In February, Horizont introduced a new product line of stoves in Belarusian retail chains, which includes 10 models of economy and mid-price segments. The philosophy of the category is to help every family find a high-quality and affordable gas stove for a long period of use. “We created stoves equipped with double tempered glass lids, mechanical timer, electric ignition, ergonomic handles…

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H-book sales announcement

Even more powerful. Horizon launches a new laptop from the H-book series. The company "HORIZONT" announces the start of sales of an even more perfect product. Notebook H-book 15 MAK4 (T52E4W) is a powerful office gadget for everyday tasks, equipped with the best performance Intel Core-i5 1155G7 processor in its price category. In addition to the high performance provided by the 4-core Intel Core-i5 1155G7 processor, …

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Disposal of equipment

When producing household appliances, materials are used that can pose a threat to the environment. Therefore, household appliances that have fallen into disrepair must not only be thrown into a landfill, but properly disposed of. The unitary enterprise "ZEBT Horizon" invites you to take care of the future of our planet. In the service center, located at lane. S. Kovalevskoy, 62, organized a collection of household appliances brand "HORIZONT", which has lost its consumer ...

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March 15 - Consumer Day!

In 2022, World Consumer Rights Day is held under the motto: "Fair Digital Financial Services"