New line of household appliances Horizont

In February, Horizont introduced a new product line of stoves in Belarusian retail chains, which includes 10 models of economy and mid-price segments.

The philosophy of the category is to help every family find a high-quality and affordable gas stove for a long period of use.

“We have created cookers equipped with double tempered glass lids, mechanical timer, electric ignition, ergonomic control knobs and cast iron grates for maximum practicality and durability.”, — Horizont developers.

The modern kitchen is one of the main spaces in the house. The current design of the plates and the classic range of colors (white, steel, black) allows you to choose a model for your interior.

The volume of plates depends on the model: in the range of 50 - 65 liters.

Width from 49.5 to 60 cm is suitable for any kitchen.

Included: braziers and grate.

Warranty: 2 years. Warranty, service maintenance of plates is carried out in the official service centers of Horizont (46 points throughout the country)